About us


In the summer of 2007, a group of men in Marshfield, South Gloucestershire, got together as a makeshift choir in support of a charity event. Most had not sung before, except in the shower. And so, cajoled by Welshman Geraint Evans and enthusiastically directed by Laurel Pyne, the Marshfield Male No-Voice Choir was born.We've come a long way since and feel confident enough to have dropped the 'No' in our name.


The choir now under the wing of musical director Hilary Newman, who has taken over from Deryck Hanchett,  with accompanist Sarah Bartlett, has 20 or so regular members and has built a repertoire of about 40 songs - a stirring mix of traditional and modern favourites.


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Hilary Newman


Rehearsal night in the Chapel

St Mary's with Hilary, Joy and guests Gillian Wells & Rebecca Snell in 2015

The Choir with Laurel in 2010

Laurel Pyne

Practice night with Laurel in 2012

Dyrham Park with Hilary, Sarah and guest soprano Gillian Wells in 2013

The Choir at Gilly Wells' concert in Tormarton Church September 2015

Fathers Day at Dyrham Park NT 2016

Performing at The Peggy Dodd concert in the Holy Trinity Church, Combe Down, Bath in October 2016

We were guest performers at Gilly Wells' concert in Tormarton Church in .September 2016

Sarah Bartlett